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Vaginal Rejuvenation in Paramus, NJ

Non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation can help you restore your sensual quality of life. For the residents of Paramus, Bergen County, Bergenfield, and Dumont, SLSS Ageless is the premiere anti-aging and wellness center focusing on customized anti-aging treatments for your face and body to create a healthier and more balanced you.

How Do I Begin My Vaginal Rejuvenation Journey?

Many women experience discouraging symptoms of vaginal laxity, orgasm problems, vaginal dryness, sexual function issues, and urinary incontinence. These sorts of concerns can easily undermine your sense of self-esteem. Fortunately, vaginal rejuvenation can strengthen muscular contractions while also increasing sensitivity in the soft tissue and addressing laxity in the labia and vulva, so that sagging is noticeably reduced and sexual dysfunction issues are addressed.

Am I a Candidate for Vaginal Rejuvenation?

More and more women are taking control of their lives with vaginal rejuvenation, and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) just recently reported that vaginal rejuvenation is on the rise, as it increased by 39 percent just last year.

Can ThermiVa™ Help Me Reach My Goal?

Unfortunately, during menopause women can go through physical and hormonal changes that can result in symptoms of incontinence, vaginal dryness or laxity, which in many ways are quite normal outcomes of the childbearing and aging processes. But many women wish to address these changes. ThermiVa™ has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as safe for the non-surgical treatment of laxity in the vagina. ThermiVa™ treatment can also help to tighten the vaginal opening, as well as the entire length of the vaginal canal. In addition, ThermiVa™ treatments can safely and non-surgically thicken your skin in that area, helping to relieve dryness without the use of hormone therapy.

What Happens During My Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure?

ThermiVa™ utilizes controlled thermal energy to help minimize side effects and even make cosmetic enhancements to the labia. Treatments typically take place with a set of three procedures, performed every three to four weeks. On average, your treatment will take a quick 15 minutes for reduction of the labia majora, and an added 15 minutes for vaginal tightening, which involves warming the temperature of the vaginal tissue and labia with a special applicator, that is gently moved over the labia and inner tissue, heating the surface slowly. This stimulation of tissue results in increased collagen production while it tightens the tissue. You will experience no pain and have no downtime whatsoever, and many patients notice improvement after just one visit.

When I Return Home from Vaginal Rejuvenation What Will I Experience?

Do you experience vaginal laxity or have a feeling of looseness? Do you feel frustrated or unhappy about the appearance of the labia majora? Do you experience sexual dysfunction and problems with orgasm? If so, then you may start to experience real relief from those symptoms almost immediately after returning home from your very first vaginal rejuvenation treatment.

When Will I See My Vaginal Rejuvenation Results?

There is really no downtime, and many patients may begin to resume normal activity (sometimes including sexual intimacy) as soon as the same day as your treatment session. Why not contact us now to begin your vaginal rejuvenation journey?

How Much Will My Vaginal Rejuvenation Cost?

The cost for your vaginal rejuvenation will vary based on your unique needs. During your consultation, we will provide you with your specific cost for your treatment. SLSS Ageless accepts all forms of payment, and we also offer CareCredit® financing and Alphaeon™ Credit to help those patients who may wish to finance their treatments.

How Do I Get Started on My Vaginal Rejuvenation Journey?

Don’t you deserve to get more out of life? Begin your journey to a better quality of life with vaginal rejuvenation.

Achieve rejuvenation from the inside out, and be your very best self. If you reside in Paramus, Bergen County, Bergenfield, and Dumont, SLSS Ageless, under the leadership of Dr. Margarita Lolis, a board-certified and fellowship-trained dermatologist, and Dr. David J. Goldberg, a board-certified dermatologist, can help you achieve a higher quality of life. Contact us today to set up your consultation.