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Functional Medicine in Paramus, NJ

Functional Medicine in Paramus, NJSLSS Ageless offers functional medicine to the residents of New York and New Jersey in Paramus, Bergen County, Bergenfield, Dumont, and surrounding neighborhoods. Dr. Lolis and Dr. Goldberg proudly provide this healing, science-based service to his clients.

How Do I Begin My Functional Medicine Journey?

Functional medicine is unlike most traditional Western methods of treatment. Instead of treating your symptoms, we treat you as an individual. Your functional medicine journey can begin after scheduling a consultation at our office.

Am I a Candidate for a Functional Medicine Journey?

If you are dealing with the physical symptoms of a disease or disorder, you may be a candidate for functional medicine. You are an especially strong candidate if you have tried unsuccessfully to treat those symptoms or disease in the past.

What Happens During Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine considers your genetic makeup, individual body, and biochemically unique makeup. Instead of treating the disease, we treat you using scientific research that aims to restore function to the body instead of remedy symptoms. By restoring the function of whatever organ, system, or interaction is failing you can potentially get rid of the symptoms from the inside out.

What Happens When I Return Home from Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a completely individualized form of medicine, and your treatment plan will be completely unique to you and the needs of your body.

What Will I Experience During Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is based on the scientifically-based assumption that your body has the ability to both heal and prevent disease. Undergoing this treatment can help to restore the ideal function of the body to help you feel at your best.

When Will My Functional Medicine Journey End and When Will I Have My Results?

Functional medicine is a new way of taking care of yourself and obtaining medical care; it is not a one-time appointment or “quick fix.”

How Do I Get Started on My Functional Medicine Journey?

To get started, schedule a consultation at SLSS Ageless.

How Much Will My Functional Medicine Cost?

The exact cost of this treatment is based on your personal needs and therefore vary on an individual basis. We are a fully transparent office and will ensure you know the price before you receive any treatment. To make our services more accessible for every budget, SLSS Ageless accepts CareCredit® and Alphaeon™ Credit financing options.

Do you think you’re a strong candidate for functional medicine? Dr. Lolis and DR. Goldberg and the staff at SLSS Ageless are dedicated to providing personalized care and the highest level of services in health, aesthetics, and wellness. To receive more information contact us or call (201) 490-4326 to speak with our friendly staff.