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Chemical Peel in Paramus, NJ

Chemical Peel in Paramus, NJDead skin cells can give your face a dull appearance. Make your skin come alive again with a chemical peel. For the residents of Paramus, Bergen County, Bergenfield, and Dumont, SLSS Ageless, under the leadership of Dr. Margarita Lolis, a board-certified and fellowship-trained dermatologist, and Dr. David J. Goldberg, a board-certified dermatologist, is the premiere anti-aging and wellness center focusing on customized anti-aging treatments for your face and body, as well as for improving your internal health, quality of life, and preventing age-related issues to create a healthier and more balanced you.

How Do I Begin My Chemical Peel Journey?

A chemical peel can help you revitalize your appearance by removing dead skin cells and sloughing away your dull complexion. Maintaining a fresh complexion becomes increasingly difficult with each passing year as the accretion of skin cells clouding up your appearance becomes more and more of a problem. A chemical peel can provide long-lasting results, making your skin appear younger, smoother and more evenly toned, as the gentle and continuous exfoliation by alpha hydroxy acids of dead skin cells from the surface layers of the stratum corneum allows the epidermis to become smoother and softer, giving you a fresh new complexion.

Am I a Candidate for a Chemical Peel?

The most commonly used alpha hydroxy acids are glycolic acid and lactic acid, which have a special ability to penetrate the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. If you want an effective way to revitalize and resurface your skin, then a chemical peel will slough off the damaged outer layers of your skin, leaving you with freshly polished, glowing new skin. If you want a treatment that will leave you with a younger, clearer, and more radiantly glorious complexion, then maybe it’s time for you to take the first step on your journey to better-looking skin with a chemical peel.

What Happens During My Chemical Peel Procedure?

There are a variety of different types of chemical peels, with varying abilities to penetrate the surface layers of your skin. During your consultation, we will review your options and describe your procedure in greater detail, answering any questions you may have. Chemical peels are classified by how deeply they penetrate your skin, and the chemical peel process utilizes a variety of potent solutions to exfoliate the damaged outer layers of your skin. Deeper peels can lead to intense improvements, although they may also be associated with longer recovery times. Each type of chemical peel procedure is different, and prior to choosing which form of treatment you would like, we will answer any questions you have about your procedure and explain what you should expect when you return home.

When I Return Home from Chemical Peel What Will I Experience?

Chemical peels can achieve outstanding results for those patients who suffer from facial blemishes, wrinkles, or uneven skin tones. Depending on the depth of your chemical peel, when you return home from your treatment, you can expect your outermost skin cells to start peeling off in the days after your treatment. We’ll provide you with specific post-treatment care protocols based on the nature of your chosen peel, so that you will have confidence in knowing that you will enjoy a comfortable and rejuvenating chemical peel experience.

When Will I See My Chemical Peel Results?

Want to peel away the relentless signs of aging with a skin rejuvenating chemical peel? Now you can with a peel precisely tailored to your unique needs. In the days after your chemical peel, your dead, dull surface skin cells will slough off, revealing polished and fresh smooth skin below.

How Much Will My Chemical Peel Cost?

A chemical peel is ideal for all skin types, and we can formulate your treatment to precisely meet your needs. The cost for your journey to a better quality of life, thanks to SLSS Ageless, will vary based on your unique needs. During your consultation, we will provide you with your specific cost for your treatment. SLSS Ageless accepts all forms of payment, and we also offer CareCredit® financing and Alphaeon™ Credit to help those patients who may wish to finance their treatments.

Achieve rejuvenation from the inside out, and be your very best self. If you reside in Paramus, Bergen County, Bergenfield, and Dumont, SLSS Ageless, under the leadership of Dr. Margarita Lolis, a board-certified and fellowship-trained dermatologist, and Dr. David J. Goldberg, a board-certified dermatologist, can help you achieve a higher quality of life. Contact us today to set up your consultation.